SPOL in English

The Finnish Wind Band Association has nearly 200 member wind bands all over Finland. SPOL supports and further develops band culture among amateur musicians in Finland. We organize courses and band camps for conductors and musicians. We take care of publicity, guidance and help to people who are composing, arranging or publishing wind band music.  All the members are Finnish wind bands or private persons.

Annually we are, together with our collaborators, organizing an event, Wind Music Conference (Puhallinpäivät), in mid-March. This is the main event of wind band amateurs in Finland. We also choose the Conductor of the Year and the Band of The Year and those nominations are published in Wind Music Conference.

Have  a look on our publications: the Puhallinorkesteri -journal (only in Finnish) and FinnBandShop PDF-store for interesting new repertoire of Finnish wind band music from the very beginners to professional level.

The Finnish Wind Band Association is interested in developing international contacts. A number of our member orchestras are willing to work together with bands, band camps, competitions, festivals etc. abroad. 

The Finnish Wind Band Association board member, composer Jukka Viitasaari has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors of World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles for the six year term (2019-2024).

The Finnish Wind Band Association has a board whose chairman is Mr Sami Ruusuvuori  spol.pj (at) gmail.com

Executive director of SPOL is Sirpa Berg. Contact spol.toiminnanjohtaja(at)gamil.com.


Here is more information about Finnish wind band music: "A Shape of Finns to come", an article by Kari Laitinen 

by Mark Lammers, PhD 
FINNISH MUSIC (.xls) by Mark Lammers, PhD